after you publish your Alexa skill there are three things to do to improve your voice branding and voice marketing

Voice technology is now ubiquitous in our lives; we interact with voice assistants and voice-controlled devices at work, at home, or in public. You should know that very well, especially if you have decided to publish your Alexa Skill.

Or, maybe you have already published it, and people have started using your Alexa Skill.

However, without knowing in detail how your Skill is performing, it will become really hard to improve what your Alexa Skill lacks in quality and features, and grow your audience. There are three important factors that might affect your Skill continuity:

  1. The feedback of your Alexa Skill Analytics.
  2. The continuous promotion of your Skill.
  3. Improvements you can make based on new trends.

Alexa Skill Analytics

Alexa Skill analytics is a necessity if you want to offer the best experience to your audience and use the full potential of voice technology.

Once you publish your Alexa Skill, without specific data, it will be impossible to gain meaningful insight into whether customers are satisfied or not with the performance of your AI-powered voice applications.

A good Alexa Skill Analysis will allow you to:

  • Know how your Skill usage rate changes over time (both long and short term).
  • Understand how your audience reacts after you update or add new information and new features.
  • Get insights on your Skills effectiveness and what needs to be improved.

Alexa Skill Marketplace

The only way to keep your Skill discoverable and in high rankings in the Alexa Skill Marketplace, apart from having good reviews and high Skill enabling, is to advertise it continuously.

In case you are wondering how to promote it, after you publish your Alexa Skill, you can use:

  1. Advertising in Social Media.
  2. Highlighting it on your website
  3. Emailing your contacts to try and use it.
  4. Add it to your email signature.

These are some of the ways you can do it, with Social Media being the channel with high chances of positive results. You can use Facebook (Groups are a great way to do it), Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, TikTok, etc. Now, with Amazon Alexa Quick Links, this task has become even easier.

Use Alexa Skill Metrics to improve your Skill

An important thing to do is to always keep an eye on your Alexa Skill Metrics.

They will show you how your Alexa Skill Performance is over time and usage. As an important part of Alexa Skill Analytics, those metrics will show you what needs to be improved in quality and quantity. Remember to keep the content updated and responsive.

Especially with Amazon making now the possibility to create conversational Alexa Skills available for everyone. Therefore, with this feature at your hands and continuous checks on your Alexa Skill Metrics, success is guaranteed.

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