5 reasons why you should use Amazon Alexa for your business

Imagine this:

You have the ability to communicate by voice with each and every one of your customers, to make them buy from you using only their voice and to make them fall in love with your products, your services and your business.

How would it be?

Well, with Amazon Alexa that can be reality.

In this article I’ll show you 5 reasons why you should embrace this technology right away so as not to waste a huge advantage.

5 reasons to use Amazon Alexa for your business

1 – A first reason is the amount of free advertising that you will receive.

The media are talking a lot about this technology, and they will necessarily refer to the first ones to adopt it.

The mistake that many businesses are making is that they do not welcome technology, almost always ending up being late and realizing its usefulness when it’s too late and the great advantages of the initial boom have passed.

2 – A second practical reason is that having your skill on Amazon is free today, but when the number of skills will become large, it is very likely that you will have to pay to appear among the first results.

3 – A third reason lies in the very way Alexa works, that is, based on the voice, which as we have already discussed is the most natural way we have to interact and ask for something.

This makes it much easier to get used to using this technology and the numbers confirm it: in 2020 50% of research is expected to be done by voice and more than 50% of young people have the habit of using voice commands rather than typing to look for something.

When there will be businesses that will offer this technology and others that will not yet offer it, who do you think these generations will turn to?

4 – A fourth reason lies in the ease with which an action is performed with Alexa.

Let’s give an example: it’s winter, Sunday night, it’s raining outside, it’s cold and you’re warm on the couch, you don’t want to go out, so you decide to look for a pizza delivery.

Without Alexa, you should get up to find your smartphone, unlock it, search for the app to navigate, open the app, type the search and analyze the results until you find the one that suits you.

Open the site, search for the phone number, call (probably a few times because it’s busy), place your order (maybe having to repeat it several times because of the noise) and explain where you live.

After all these operations, you’d be able to get your pizza.

Let’s see with Alexa what the situation would look like.

The only one that offers orders with the voice in your area is Liberty Pizza, at this point you just need to say “Alexa, open Liberty Pizza and order a mushroom pizza by 8pm”.


Wait till 8:00 pm and enjoy your nice pizza.

The card to pay is already registered with your Amazon account and so is your address.

You only had to give a simple command, saving yourself the effort that doing a Google search requires.

The easier an action, the more times it will be performed and the sooner it will get into the habits of the person.

This is why the change this technology will bring will be very big and fast.

5 – A fifth reason is Amazon itself to guarantee it.

As you probably know, every new Amazon project turns out to be successful.

In this case they will be the first to want your business to succeed thanks to the skills so that this technology can establish itself even faster.

Is it too early?

You might think it’s too early to jump into the skill world, but think of the huge advantage you would have over your competitors.

I already told you about the right time to enter a new market here.

You’ll be the first in your industry, you’d have time to make your skills perfect and effective, while your competitors will still be stuck in the past.

Then think about when advertising will be introduced and your skill will already be popular, how much benefit could you get out of it?

Is a skill useful for your business?

I told you more about the kind of business that would benefit from the use of a skill here.

But if you’re wondering what a skill is good for your business and how you could use it, here are just some of the powerful things that will allow you to do:

  • you’ll be able to send notifications, improving the service you offer to customers and making it more immediate and simple
  • it will be easier to build a relationship and dialogue with them directly in their homes.

It’s like if you could go to every customer’s house at the same time to talk to him and answer his questions whenever he wants.

“The success of every business in the long run depends on the relationship it establishes with its customers.”

With Alexa building a relationship becomes absolutely simpler, more natural and affordable for everyone.

Your skill will also be a valuable source of information, in fact, when the user uses it, you can also access his name, e-mail and location.

You will then have extremely valuable information and you can contact him using other channels.

Skills also allow you to directly sell your products or services using Alexa’s voice purchasing system and this is truly a gem that opens up endless possibilities.

One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to simplify the purchasing process by decreasing the number of actions a user has to take.

And a skill in this is the perfect tool (remember how easy it was to order a  pizza?).

With this new communication channel, you will be able to put your business in front of many more people and strengthen your brand.

If you want to try what an Alexa Skill can do for your business click down below on “Start for free” and create your own skill with IPERVOX in just a few minutes.

You won’t regret it!

CEO and Founder of IPERVOX

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