The voice is a timbre. The voice is whispered, cracked, distorted, murmured

The voice is our code

Who we are

Voice is the future, because it is the most natural, simple and time-saving way to communicate. So, people won’t need anymore a phone to shop, consume contents or interact with their favourite brands.

For those who do not know, Amazon Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant that in addition to responding to predefined voice commands can be enhanced by activating Skills, which are like apps for the smartphone but with voice interface.

While in the visual world users are accustomed to interacting with brands through their websites and mobile applications, in the voice world they can do so through voice applications. So that any brand, from the smallest blogger to corporate, must implement its own voice application to allow its users to interact to obtain information, news, access services, make purchases.

To achieve this goal and growth the “voice” market, Ipervox breaks down entry barriers for entrepreneurs on voice platforms, breaking down costs and time to zero. The true innovation of Ipervox lies in the extreme ease of use, not requiring any technical knowledge.

We are creators, entrepreneurs and experts who believe in the freedom that voice technologies can give us. The freedom to be anywhere and anytime.

Ipervox is the leader company in Europe that operates in the field of software for voice applications. With us you can create voice experiences that allow your costumers to interact with you. We distribute content everywhere people are listening. Based in Italy we’re backed by LVenture Group and Uplift Albania. We’re Amazon Partner and appointed Alexa Champion.


Our values, our stories. Our voice

Juxhin Radhima

Founder & CEO
Visionary entrepreneur and expert on voice technologies, he is an Amazon Partner and appointed Alexa Champion

Armand Sheshori

Co-Founder & COO
He has decades of experience as a business developer with important European and Arab companies

Ivan Centamori

Ivan Centamori

Software Engineer
Project manager and developer. He has a decade of experience gained working in complex and scalable software architectures.

Gerald Bala

UX – UI Designer
Co-founder of a web agency, specialized in combining web design and digital marketing.






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