Amazon Alexa log, an Amazon Echo device, a jar of Nutella and Alexa and Nutella partnership to promote hazelnut spread over maple syrup for pancakes

Hazelnuts’ point.

Alexa and Nutella announce their partnership to promote Hazelnut spread over maple syrup for pancakes. The Nutella Creations skill includes guides and recipes for using Nutella in a variety of breakfast menus. The skill interacts with the Nutella brand’s online recipe hub. The Alexa skill includes four memory games to help people remember things about spread, especially kids.

From silver dollar to blueberry, pancakes are an iconic breakfast staple and we believe topping them with Nutella brings them to an unparalleled level of deliciousness. This Pancake Tuesday, we’re encouraging families to participate in these activations that bring to life the joy of special breakfasts and we hope Nutella plays even a small role in helping them create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Declared the vice president of marketing Todd Midura.

Together with the new skill, their company will open a pop-up shop for the exchange of syrups in New York. They will do so one Saturday as people are more inclined to linger on pancakes during commuting.

More Voice.

The brand had already made a different promotion last year using both Alexa and Google Assistant. It was a campaign developed by Send Me a Sample, a marketing company specialized in interactive campaigns for product tests. The campaign underlined the fact that people can ask their voice assistants for a free Nutella sample, and have it delivered to them in a few days.

They did not explain why this year has decided to shift strategy. Nutella has decided to blow the potential of the backlash with a promotion that cannot be exhausted. Perhaps because people complained that they failed to get samples last year. Regardless, the company has clearly seen enough value in using a marketing vocal skill to invent something new this year, a trend that will likely see many other brands joining.

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