Amazon Echo smart speaker device, a Apple smartphone, a human taking pictures and different Alexa Skills

New features and important new moves for Alexa, Alexa for Apps.

It seems that Amazon wants more control in the mobile world.

Alexa for apps is the newest project Jeff Bezos’ company is working on that will allow users to launch apps for iOS and Android with a voice command.

All you have to do is submit a query through Alexa to be sent directly to the mobile app.

Amazon’s focus has shifted from voice-first apps for smart speakers and other supported devices, to mobility and then to machines and smartphones (think Alexa Auto).

Many smartphone manufacturers, such as Huawei, Motorola, HTC, or LG, are including Alexa as the default voice assistant in their products.

Many other manufacturers are giving the possibility to set Alexa as the default voice assistant. However, Google Assistant supports these features and therefore Alexa remains in the background as it is not fully integrated with the operating system.

That’s why Alexa for Apps represents a first step towards taking more control of smartphones.

Akexa for Apps is installed in over 100 million smartphones and now when you open it, it will give the user the chance to be taken to another mobile app with a voice command.

For now, this new feature is in the preview form phase, i.e. open to specific developers to understand how they would like to use it.

Alexa for Apps Features

Amazon relies on the possibility that a person can ask to open Twitter and search for a hashtag. You can see the results on the smartphone screen instead of hearing it by voice

You can launch TikTok and start recording a video without ever having to touch the screen. A useful function for those who film themselves.

Sean Kim, Head of Product for TikTok, showed a lot of enthusiasm for this new feature:

“Our app is extremely engaging once you’re watching… Alexa for Apps helped us add fast ways for users to discover, search, and consume content in our app. It also allows our creators to record hands-free just by saying ‘Alexa, ask TikTok to start recording!’ This saves our users time and allows them to get even more creative.”

Below you can see the video presentation that Tik Tok has released for the new Alexa for Apps integration.

In 2014, a historic and very rare event, Amazon had a project fail. It was their smartphone.

Alexa & Smartphones

If we talk about smart homes, Alexa is already used by millions of people. But if we talk about mobile, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant are much more used.

With this move, the hope is to set itself as a mobile alternative to the 2 most established competitors.

Developers have to think about Alexa skills already with this integration or redesign those already created with this new possibility.

This is exactly what this phase of work will focus on, and then launch the beta phase and then make the feature public.

TikTok, Twitter, Uber, Yellow Pages, Zynga, and others are adding Alexa for Apps.

The possibility to control mobile apps with Alexa is still limited and this new feature doesn’t completely fill the gap with Siri and Google Assistant.

However, it’s an important first step by Amazon that opens the door to different possibilities and offers a bridge between voice and apps.

We’ll see how much this innovation will increase the value of Alexa from mobile in the eyes of users.

What’s certain is that by offering a true voice experience from a smartphone, the scenario becomes very interesting.

We’ll keep you updated with our articles.

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