Use Alexa Gadgets Toolkit to create Echo connected toys and gadgets and a kid interacting with his toy robot as an echo connected toy

Amazon has created the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit to give users (and their children) new, endless and fun possibilities.

Developers are given the chance to do their best to create new gadgets and toys compatible with Alexa’s intelligence and voice.

With a little creativity we will be able to see many new products, suitable for young people, and give adults a new way of interacting.

But what exactly is the Alexa Gadget Toolkit?

Let me explain it to you now.

What is the Alexa Gadget Toolkit and what does it do?

The Alexa Gadget Toolkit provides everything you need in the technical sense to build Alexa Gadgets that can use one or more of their Gadgets’ Interfaces.

To put it another way, some of these Gadgets Interfaces are:

  • Speech: to create, for example, robots that can move their lips in sync with Alexa’s voice
  • Wake word detection: for example, to make a puppet dance every time the word Alexa is spoken.
  • Notifications: for example, a light which has been specially designed to indicate any new notifications may be switched on.
  • Time info & alerts: which responds to the expiration of a timer or the triggering of an alarm and can for example operate a bell when the time of relaxation is over or ring and luminate a box of pills when it is time to take dietary supplements

And to satisfy even more the younger audience it will be possible to build gadgets compatible with kid skills.

In short, Amazon provides the technical elements, which everyone from companies to developers will need to add their imagination to be able to create products never seen before and able to entertain and engage the public in new ways.

Some early adopters of this toy option include:

  • TOMY International, which wants to make family life easier and offer parents voice-activated gadgets
  • WowWee Group Limited, that with BRUSHBOTS it helps children to have fun and brush their teeth properly helping them with lights, sounds and games. As for the aspect of the game, the company’s Chief Technology Officer believes that the possibilities will be endless thanks to Alexa’s capabilities
  • Novalia, which has created an immersive experience that helps children learn thanks to their interactive table mat.
  • Hasbro, whoseSenior Vice President and Global Head of Design and Development Brian Chapman states:

“Our mission to create the world’s best play experiences requires us to reach audiences where they are today and where they’re going in the future. We’re excited about the possibilities to bring our brands and characters to life through Alexa Gadgets, and see great potential for more immersive play with this technology”

This Hasbro statement perfectly captures the huge possibility that voice apps in general represent right now.

People are moving quickly towards using voice assistants more and more decisively.

The analysis of the trends of voice technology clearly show that the future will be less and less web browsing and more and more voice requests.

The natural human tendency prompts you to ask for something using your voice.

In today’s hectic life, where time is limited and important, the value of a technology that, instead of taking more time and requiring more efforts, does the exact opposite, is even higher.

With a smartphone you can’t check if the quantities you’re using for that recipe are right if you don’t stop and wash your hands first.

But you can do this by simply asking your voice assistant to read you the recipe.

Many companies and personal brands around the world, of all sizes are already benefiting from using a voice app (I have given you 3 examples in this article).

If you do not have one yet, my advice is to create it as soon as possible because even this market will soon be very crowded and competitive.

IPERVOX allows you to do it for free and in just a few minutes.

You can try by clicking at the bottom on “Start for free” and in 3 steps your voice app will be published.

And if you have any concerns or questions about the voice app that is right for you, contact us and we will help you with pleasure.

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