Alexa pay for gas made available through Amazon Pay services

A collaboration between ExxonMobil, Fiserv, Amazon Pay, and Alexa has made possible the launch of voice payments technology. Who would have imagined the possibility of paying for gas just by using a simple voice command like “Alexa, pay for gas”. Let alone having it available at thousands of Exxon and Mobil gas stations all around the US.

However, it is a feature available for more than 10 months for every Amazon Alexa user, along with all the conveniences it includes.

How does “Alexa, pay for gas” work?

Every Amazon Alexa user can use this feature with the Alexa app in their smartphone, vehicles with Alexa built-in, or the Echo Auto devices to complete the payment for fuel with just their voice.

It is available in nearly 11,500 Exxon and Mobil gas stations across the US and everyone can use it assisted from the Amazon Pay services.

Once you go near a gas station, you will only need to ask Alexa with your voice “Alexa, pay for gas”. Alexa will then confirm the pump number, station location and prepare for fueling. Now you can select the fuel type and start fueling.

After completing your transaction securely through Amazon Pay services and powered by Fiserv’s payment platform, your car will be filled up and back on the road in no time. There’s no need to pay inside the station or insert your credit card at the pump.

Convenience vs Security: is it worth it?

Alexa, pay for gas is safe, simple and swift
Source: Amazon

“Say, pay, be on your way!” is a phrase that has defined the future of filling up your vehicle at the gas station. What Amazon has done with its virtual assistant recently is truly innovative. You can see how this will be popular for drivers – getting them to fill up their tank without having to stand in line at the pump. Instead, they can make the process frictionless with a single voice request asking Alexa to pay for gas.

What about security and protecting your account from unwanted payments?

You can limit access to your account information by requiring a 4-digit code before you can make a purchase. If your personal information is already protected with a Voice Code, “Alexa, pay for gas” will work as expected. You can also use the same Voice Code for voice shopping.

In order to be able to use the Voice Code, you must first have a Voice Code, if not already. You can enable the feature in your Amazon Alexa account. From the Alexa App, go to “Account Settings” and then to “Voice Purchasing.”. Here you can create a new four-digit Voice Code.

Considering these details, we can conclude that “Alexa, pay for gas” is a convenient and simple way to refuel your car, yet very safe and secure since it goes through Amazon Pay services and Fiserv’s platform.

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