Amazon has launched Alexa Skills Kit in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Just a few of days ago, Amazon Alexa announced a piece of great news for both developers and manufacturers regarding Alexa Skills Kit in UAE and KSA.

They shared the news of making available Alexa Voice Services and Alexa Skills Kit in UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, they announced it will be accessible in the Gulf Arabic language (Khaleeji).

Amazon has launched the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) specifically for developers in both countries. The ASK is a package of tools and applications designed to provide a more efficient working method for developers. The ASK will allow developers to be more effective while building their skills. These developments will allow the skills to be localized within these countries.

A chance for developers to create more localized Alexa Skills

ASK, being a collection of different self-service APIs and tools, will allow local developers to easily create new conversational experiences for Alexa.

There are no requirements for speech recognition or natural language understanding for a developer to create a skill. Alexa will take care of all the heavy lifting so that developers can focus on the hard parts, like building an engaging user experience. Alexa does all the work to hear, understand, and process customers’ spoken requests. This means developers can focus on the skills without worrying about the underlying technology.

Amazon was also kind enough to provide developers a simple guide through an article from Ahmed Gouda, regarding topics like:

  1. How to update an Alexa skill for Arabic customers using the new Arabic (SA) language model.
  2. How to update your AWS Lambda function so your skill delivers the right content to your customers in each of the supported regions—all from a single code base.

A new channel for manufacturers with Alexa-enabled devices

Hardware manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates can request early access to Alexa’s Voice Service (AVS). However, it is available only through an invite-only developer preview. This goes for every manufacturer who wants to develop Alexa Built-in products for customers.

AVS enables device makers to integrate Alexa directly into their products to bring the convenience of voice control features to any connected device.

With access to Alexa’s Voice Service, they will also have access to APIs, hardware & software development kits along with documentation.

This will enable seamless integration of Alexa’s powerful voice capabilities into the devices their customers already love. Later this year, device makers will be able to leverage these resources to launch products with Alexa Built-in. This goes for both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

This will include the ability to give them access to the Gulf Arabic language model and other regional services. Apart from Echo devices, Samsung and LG will bring their Alexa-enabled devices. Meanwhile, Xiaomi, Tuya, and Philips Hue will do the same with their  “Works with Alexa” products.

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