One of the latest Amazon news is the new skills added to the Alexa voice assistant to encourage people to use it while they are driving their cars.


Amazon has added new commands to Alexa to help commuters travel in comfort. The new Amazon Alexa navigation tool facilitates people in their questions regarding traffic, destinations to reach and weather. They even answer about the conditions of the road they have decided to travel. In addition, users can ask Alexa to send information on their phone and obtain a link that will start browsing the app on their device. One of the added skills updates you in real-time on the political elections. This way, the user, through the voice assistant, can ask Alexa for the latest polls, debates, and other news about the next American elections.


Sending road traffic information is a very important aspect for Amazon because it is an opportunity to strengthen Alexa’s presence in vehicles. Lamborghini and Rivian married the project and became Partners as well as having integrated Alexa into some of their models. Amazon has already started worldwide sales of the Echo Auto device. Another benefit of using Amazon Alexa is managing the gas payment at 11,500 Exxon and Mobil service stations.

Of course, the idea that Alexa is an apparent omnipresent presence in people’s lives pushes Amazon to improve its performance. The smart home like the smart machine. Even remotely, the Amazon Alexa navigation tool can intercede by turning the lights on and off from the vehicles, rather setting the timer in the oven at home. Amazon has claimed that there are thousands of Alexa-enabled devices from different brands. The ultimate goal of Amazon is to create a shared ecosystem.

Source: Voicebot

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