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The voice world and its implementation in the current technological trends is changing every day.

Not only its benefits in our daily life, but also our perception of how voice technology simplifies our life, is changing, thus enabling us to have more free time, and easing some otherwise inconvenient tasks. Voice technology has changed the way we use voice, not using it just as a means to communicate, but also as a way to get things done and not needing another person or complicated interface.

As it’s becoming clearer every day, the global leaders in information technology and innovation, like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, are investing heavily in voice tech and attempting to deliver the best service so that they can dominate the future voice “behemoth” market.

The battle for innovation and market domination is still strong, and in this scenario we have two choices, relax and enjoy, or be part of that trend, and those companies have offered everybody to be part of this trend.

If we take a look at just Amazon with its Alexa devices, we can say that their steps towards this huge objective have been smart and decisive.

A company, whatever the number of its employees for certain projects, in this case, Alexa and Echo devices, can never come up with enough product ideas to satisfy every possible user.

How Amazon started to solve this issue was by engaging outside developers to create more and more content for what can be called the “food” of Alexa: the Skills. They have created enormous platforms and systems to allow everyone who has or not the technical abilities, to build Alexa Skills for every possible use case.

The most basic tool developers can use to start building Alexa Skills, or improve their abilities, is the Alexa Skill Kit.

Here they can find all the information they need about how to start, what skills they can build, what programming language they can use, where to host the back-end of the skills they build and how to improve, and also how to monetize their skills.

The process of turning your idea into a successful Skill, gets done by using AWS Lambda. This tool takes you code and turns it to an action, which Alexa can follow.

For a developer to access such a platform, there are some requirements they need to comply with.

This gives you access to all the tools Amazon has created for developers and allows them to create Alexa Skills, Android applications for Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, and other mobile platforms.

 Here you also have access to Amazon Dash Replenishment and AWS developer Center.

  • Here comes the second requirement, which is not obligatory, but will simplify your work many times.

 Becoming part of Amazon Web Services platform (AWS) gives you access to multiply code samples for building Skills with different use cases, be it a game, quiz, fact, or informational Skill.

Amazon has also made accessible blueprints for different use cases to simplify the work of every new developer, without them needing to write the entire code for the Skill.

Using the AWS platform has a lot of advantages:

  • Once you get the hang of it, it can become easy to use and manage since everything is built with the intention of making every process easy.
  • Availability of a vast number of tools and services to offer you a pleasant experience, without the need to manage different providers.
  • Having unlimited hosting space for all the back end data of the Skills you intend to build.
  • It offers a well encrypted & secure platform to protect all of your data and work.

As highlighted above, using this platform is promising for every beginner or professional, even if it has a kind of confusing billing system and limitation based on the region where the developer is located.

Amazon, besides simplifying the process of Skill-building for every developer, offers, also a lot of other benefits.

We know that the services Amazon offers are not free, yet Amazon to encourage the developers towards Skill building with some advantageous opportunities.

When your Skill functions use a large amount of data and go beyond AWS Free Tier limits, you may need to pay service fees. Amazon, in this case, gives every developer the right to request and receive a $100 AWS promotional credit, which can also be required monthly, once you have published your first Skill. In this case, using AWS Lambda to host, create, and distribute your Skills becomes free.

Amazon also gives a lot of small gifts for everyone depending on the skill they publish, for example, when you publish your first skill, when you publish a skill for Alexa-enabled devices with screens or publish skills using the Gadgets Skill API.

But this is not all.

Once you have learned how to use the above-mentioned tools, you can start increasing your earnings, not only by creating Skills with in-skill purchasing but also, offering your abilities and knowledge to others.

You can start building skills for businesses and big companies, considering that the number of those asking for their own Alexa Skill keeps increasing.

The same logic is even followed by large platforms that have created systems that simplify the steps of building Alexa Skills. These online platforms have created a structure that translates the idea the user has into a functional and flawless Alexa Skill.

Not all of them are perfect, but here at Ipervox, we aim to make the experience of every user as simple as possible.

Ipervox has created a well-structured online platform where the person or company can build their own Alexa Skill following simple and well-explained steps, starting from gathering the necessary materials and information needed, to publishing the Skill after it passes the certification process.

Ipervox  is a platform available for everyone with or without programming knowledge since in the end, it won’t matter.
You will have all the building processes taken care of from the platform directly, all you need is the Idea.

If you have the desire or need to build an Alexa Skill and make yourself part of the voice world, don’t hesitate: click “Start For Free” and go one step closer to your audience.

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