Picture for building Alexa Skills without coding

When talking about Alexa Skills building, the common things that come to someone’s mind is AI, programming language, complicated coding, and so on. You may also think that projecting and executing the creation process is very complicated too. For most of the process, all of the difficulties mentioned above remain true. We state “for most […]

Amazon Alexa has started to gain more and more attention in the business world lately, considering the great benefits it can give to a company such as increasing their public reach and leads generation. But that’s not all. With Amazon investing heavily in this direction lately with a sole intention in mind: to make it […]

The Alexa Skills are a vast topic considering the huge number of Skills available today and their diversity. Starting from simple ones made for music, online radios, podcasts, and news contents and updates, to more complex skills. They are created to allow users to receive daily personalized content, services, and order products. This list starts […]

Amazon Echo smart speaker device, a Apple smartphone, a human taking pictures and different Alexa Skills

New features and important new moves for Alexa, Alexa for Apps. It seems that Amazon wants more control in the mobile world. Alexa for apps is the newest project Jeff Bezos’ company is working on that will allow users to launch apps for iOS and Android with a voice command. All you have to do […]