Amazon Alexa learning skills you can learn new things and use it as an education form

Nowadays there are more than 120 000 Alexa Skills available for everyone. Considering this, it’s a bit difficult not to find one that can help you learn new things. Even if your interest to learn goes for less popular topics. Probably there are Alexa learning Skills that can help you gain new information. Amazon Alexa […]

All new Alexa updates launched from Amazon for 2021

With each passing year, Amazon Alexa keeps getting better and expanding towards a larger customer base. During the last quarter of 2020 Amazon launched new Alexa updates, most of which became available immediately and others during December and the beginning of 2021. Some of them are features we’ve been expecting for some time, while others […]

Amazon Alexa has a calendar skill, which can help you to help you organize your schedule

When you have ahead a busy schedule or you need reminders to follow up, the Amazon Alexa calendar Skill can help you. With it, you can synchronize your calendar with Amazon Alexa and receive notifications about upcoming events and reminders. When you connect your calendar with the Amazon Alexa calendar, you can receive notifications about […]

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