Alexa enabled amazon echo devices list

Amazon Echo is the hub of Amazon’s smart home ecosystem, featuring a voice-enabled speaker and smart assistant. The smart speakers come in multiple models, from the original Echo to car-specific Amazon Echo devices, with new features and capabilities added regularly. In this article, we’re only focusing on products from Amazon that are part of the […]

take care of elderly family members with different skills from Alexa for old people

If you’re concerned about caring for your aged relatives, a smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo is a great companion. Considering that a smart device doesn’t stand out as a medical or monitoring device, it makes an excellent case at using Alexa for older people. Also, it can help caregivers by notifying them if […]

A full guide on how to change the Alexa wake word for Amazon Echo devices

For everyone using Amazon Alexa and Echo devices in their homes, offices, or their cars, “Alexa” is probably the name they mention mostly during the day. It happens because it is the Alexa wake word. In this case, probably you have wondered: can you change Alexa’s name? We can also say that Amazon’s Alexa is […]

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