Voice search studies show you need to act now

“Star Trek: The Next Generation” aired in 1987. Imagine all people back then, sitting and watching how other people on TV had conversations with their computers. It looked like a faraway reality to voice search.  “Star Trek: Discovery” aired in 2017. Are we still surprised? We already can speak to our smartwatches and interact with our […]

Alexa enabled amazon echo devices list

Amazon Echo is the hub of Amazon’s smart home ecosystem, featuring a voice-enabled speaker and smart assistant. The smart speakers come in multiple models, from the original Echo to car-specific Amazon Echo devices, with new features and capabilities added regularly. In this article, we’re only focusing on products from Amazon that are part of the […]

Bad Alexa Skill content and how to solve them

Launching a successful Alexa skill is dependent on an infinite number of variables–from content quality to content delivery network. The no. 1 component for which a user enables a voice app from his Amazon Echo device is the Alexa Skill Content. For a Skill to become successful, apart from technical and code-related factors, the content […]

voice search SEO makes your content and pages discoverable through voice search and is one of the best benefits of voice technologies if used right

It’s 2021, and the internet is going through a major shift. Thanks to voice search assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, we’re all getting used to doing more with our voice. This is the final call for voice search SEO. It’s time businesses step up their game and update their websites for using voice […]

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