A young man in front of a laptop and using an Amazon Echo Dot to communicate with friends

In July 2019, Voicebot, along with Pulse Labs and Voices, brought together 240 people to understand their preferences for voice assistant voices and evaluate different voice user experiences (voice UX) and how people use Voice Apps. The user experience will always have elements of subjectivity that do not make it an exact science and the […]

Two people showing toward a smart speaker for voice assistants meaning the voice technology will change the retail

Asking Alexa for the weather or setting an alarm clock with Siri has become very common already for millions of people. But things seem to be changing quickly and an interesting new chapter is opening. According to voice technology and artificial intelligence experts, we as consumers will be much more likely to use these technologies […]

Universal Music Production Alexa skill Amazon and an Amazon Echo Dot device

Discover. Play. Add. These are the 3 keywords of the new skill released by the music giant Universal Music Production. But let’s go in order, what is Universal Music Production? We are talking about a company with tens of thousands of composers, offices in 32 different countries and over 400 recording studios worldwide. They release […]

Deutsche Telekom launched the third smart speaker from Europe

Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecommunications company based in Germany, has announced the launch of its new Smart Speaker Mini. On September 6, 2019, its first voice device became available. After America and Asia, it was also the first smart speaker to arrive from Europe. To develop it, Deutsche Telekom had worked with Orange, another European […]

A young man showing a smart speaker which is an Amazon Echo dot that can be used for voice banking through a voice app

Not many years ago, banks introduced home banking to give their customers the opportunity to make transactions from their computers. Then came the time of mobile applications to manage their bank accounts even more easily. Now it’s time for voice banking. Voice banking from an Indian bank Recently, ICICI bank, one of India’s largest private […]