9 examples of businesses and personal brands who have a skill

Every business can develop an Alexa skill and employ it in so many ways. Many businesses already developed their own skill, but with very bad results. Other businesses, on the other hand, have achieved excellent results in terms of customer satisfaction, growth in sales and quality of service offered. So if you have a business […]

The method to find the right skill

When Amazon created Alexa, it gave the world a brand new and more enjoyable way to digest information. At the same time, it created for entrepreneurs and marketers a completely new and more personal way of getting closer to customers and potential customers. What made things even more interesting was the introduction of Alexa Skill […]

Types of Alexa skills and their features

On this blog I talk often about Alexa skills and they can help achieve amazing results. But exactly how do they work, how many types of skills exist and what are they for? The answer is in this article. Types of skills to improve Alexa’s abilities Alexa offers a number of built-in features such as […]

A man standing in a room interacting with an amazon echo device and different voice assistant logo's like Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Cortana.

In a previous article I told you about the voice assistant that’s having the biggest impact in the market. Google Assistant has improved a lot in the last months, then we have Samsung Bixby, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortana and a few more voice assistants. So why should you choose Amazon Alexa over the others? Let’s […]

Four business coworkers talking and discussing in their office

There are many elements that make a voice app extremely good or extremely bad. But probably the most important of all is Voice Design. What is it? Keep reading to find it out. The importance of a good Voice Design In web or mobile applications (visual applications in general), the user usually finds himself in […]