Use Conversational AI Marketing to promote your product

Your customers are getting smarter, and their expectation for brands is evolving. To keep up with them, your business must use technology to boost its customer service quality.

This brings us to Conversational AI Marketing. Why? Because AI is changing the way people interact with brands and redefine success for them.

An intelligent bot is an incredibly useful asset for any company because it can automate processes, making them more efficient and successful at product promotion.

Introduce your customer to a new era of communication, where brands and businesses use artificial intelligence to create more meaningful conversations with them.

Later, these meaningful conversations will translate to more effective promotion efforts.

Why Conversational AI in Marketing?

Most businesses have been slow to adopt the potential of AI. However, now that it has been proven as a powerful tool for larger companies, those smaller enterprises are taking notice.

Artificial intelligence can do time-consuming tasks faster than you ever could. It can cut down on the amount of time professionals spend on their day-to-day operations, freeing up their energy for more satisfying tasks like content creation, optimization, and more personalized customer service.

A truly powerful application of AI is the last one mentioned above: in customer service.

Well, conversational AI in this case refers to chatbots or voice assistants that are designed to carry out human-like interactions. These intelligent talkers, also known as Conversational AI, is a system that uses machine learning and natural language processing to carry out human-like interactions with your customers.

How does Conversational Marketing promote your product/service?

Customer using an online Chatbot AI

Let’s take an example:

Your customers are browsing through your retail site when they come across a popup presenting your website’s chatbot.

It can immediately engage your customers and resolve issues such as abandonment of shopper carts, high bounce rates, and general consumer frustration.

“Conversational AI” can understand your customer’s needs and preferences better than you. The AI behind this conversational marketing tool has the power of machine learning and deep learning.

It also can process texts and voice conversations, which helps it learn. Conversational AI remembers the customer’s problem and previous interactions, learns from it, and is able to make decisions accordingly.

How to use Conversational Marketing to enhance your product promotion efforts?

Initially, let’s consider as the best example a web experience. In this case, the first and most important thing to do is to inform every visitor of your website that he has a ChatBot or a Voice Bot available 24/7.

Offer to provide them the support they might need for every question, difficulty, or need they might have.

By doing so, you will make it easier for your audience to engage with your virtual assistant in case they need something.

Later on, you can also ask them for their data or even share extra information or news with them.

It will make an easier job for the Conversational AI to engage the user in the future. Also, considering the Bot’s ability to converse in a more human way because of AI, it will increase the user’s trust in them.

Personalize & Customize the interaction and communication

Personalizing the interaction a member of your audience has with your AI-driven bot can change a lot. Even if it starts with a minor detail such as mentioning the user’s name. Using the data already available in the user’s profile to personalize the interaction can make it easier for the bot to make suggestions.

Therefore it can later customize the answers and the solutions it offers. This brings us to our initial intention: be able to suggest users new products, personalized services, or customized packages.

Also, making the communication a little personalized, allows you to add a bit of humor to the way the bot answers or how it lays the questions. It always brings down the tension of the human-machine interaction.

Higher reaching and engagement capacity

Human interacting with Conversational AI

One amazing ability of AI-driven Conversational Marketing is the fact that you can integrate it nearly everywhere online.

You can make it available on your website, part of your mobile app, or maybe available at other chatting apps like WhatsApp. You can even make it available on Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Take advantage of this to reach a greater number of people! Tap into new demographics by integrating across multiple messaging platforms. This way, it will take less effort to be ready for every customer while making it easier for a wider product promotion.

However, this is not all. Because of using Conversational AI marketing, there will be no boundaries. Not for the level of engagement you have with your customers and neither the connection you create with them.

While you will be there for them anytime, it means they will be easier to engage when you have something new to offer/sell. Also, those customers will be more open to it based on the level of connection you have created with them. Therefore, more rewarding promotion efforts and more sales.

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