Amazon Alexa Echo Dot kids edition and Amazon is focusing on children and families to ensure many years of loyalty to its voice technology.

Amazon is betting hard on winning the favor of families for Alexa and her smart speakers with their echo dots kids edition.

It’s the best strategy for Amazon that families percieve this innovation, as useful and safe even for children and family situations.

Echo Dots Kids Edition

The Echo Dot Kids Edition, which is a colorful smart speaker especially for children, available from some time ago.

With the purchase of this smart speaker, you receive one year free of charge for FreeTime Unlimited, a service specifically for children.

With FreeTime Unlimited parents can control how the device interacts with their children, who can enjoy Alexa skills and exclusive content.

Listen to kid-friendly stories from National Geographic or News-o-matic, build interactive stories or find new games.

FreeTime Unlimited would cost $5 or $3 for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Amazon is using a great strategy for winning the loyalty of parents and children, they grant a year for free.

But maybe it’s not enough, there is the problem of trust.

Parents and trust

In addition to the smart speaker designed specifically for children, Amazon will include kid-friendly features in all its devices.

With the new Echo Show 8, for example, videos suitable for children will be distributed and subtitles of their favorite songs will be included to make them easier to understand and store.

Amazon has put a lot of focus on the parents’ side, often concerned about safety.

They are improving The privacy aspect for content for children and parents, in addition to being able to set time limits and restrictions on content, they are able to ask Alexa to turn off the wi-fi on certain devices.

Children who want to talk to each other through their smart speakers (in audio or video, thanks to the new Alexa Communications for Kids) will need the approval of their parents.

New investments are also underway in education.

With partnerships with companies such as Coursera or Blackboard, students and parents will be able to ask Alexa for updates on homework and class progress.

Camp Prime

Given the emergency brought by the virus and the subsequent closure of summer camps, Amazon is using voice technology to create Camp Prime.

This is a handbook full of activities and video tutorials accessible thanks to Alexa and created in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America (over 160 years of experience in youth camps).

Free activities that will help children and parents to spend a summer full of fun things to do and stimuli, despite the global crisis.

From gardening tips and simple recipes to anecdotes that children can listen to every morning.

There will be dance tutorials or other skills taught on video by famous influencers.

Most of the activities, however, are designed for families and therefore it will be mainly an adult interacting with Alexa (which in this case solves children’s privacy concerns).


The strategy seems quite clear.

Amazon wants to invest long term and make users fall in love with its voice technology from a young age, so they can guarantee their loyalty for many years.

But in order to do so, they are finding ways to bypass the doubts of parents, and all these efforts and new initiatives are aimed at just that.

Customer loyalty is what makes a company thrive in the long run, and voice technology is a powerful tool to win it over.

Offering a better service, distributing useful and engaging content, staying close to your audience…these are just some of the things that a voice app allows you to do and that will strengthen the bond with your business or brand.

If you don’t have your own voice app yet but you’re ready to create one, just click on “Start for free” and in a few minutes you’ll be in the voice world.

I’ll be waiting for you inside!

Juxhin Radhima
CEO and Founder of IPERVOX

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