A young man interacting with his Alexa enabled devices like his smartphone, his laptop and Amazon Echo device

On social media you can post content, interact with your fans and followers and potentially reach millions of people.

With a blog you can build your presence on Google and working on SEO your can get visibility.

Distributing your own app you can stay in the closest device we all have today.

It seems there are many ways to reach an audience and grow your influence.

So why should the new voice technology be relevant and useful?

Can your business benefit from this technology?

That’s what we’ll talk about right now.

Why is voice technology so powerful?

Over the years, to provide a better and faster user experience, we have moved from offering access to services and content from command lines on terminals to web-based and then mobile.

The evolution of all this is quite normal it will be the use of voice: it is the most natural and simple way we have to express ourselves and ask for things.

Like Emoji, voice is the most immediate and effective way to transmit something.

For example, you can ask Alexa to turn off all the lights in the house, or you can say good night, making her lower the thermostat, close the blinds and set the alarm clock for the next day.

And this with a single voice command from anywhere in your home, without having to interact with any mobile/desktop device.

Quick and easy. 

These programmable features are called voice apps (or Skills if we are talking about Amazon Alexa in particular):

  • Voice apps allow to speed up and facilitate usual and trivial actions, this will allow technologies from now on to be more and more present in the everyday life of each of us
  • New generations learn and use these skills at a faster rate than millennials have mastered touch technologies
  • Education trends indicate that teaching is increasingly moving towards to the use of interactive voice apps to help you learn new concepts quickly and deeply.

Who will be the new Facebook or Instagram?

The big players of the future will be those companies that will manage to reduce the friction in carrying out those monotonous and repetitive actions that we are used to live every day in different contexts.

In addition, thanks to a voice app you can monetize the value you offer to your users (I told you more about it in this article).

For example if you sell courses, as in any strategy, after creating a good audience that consumes your free content (much faster thanks to the voice apps) you can offer paid access to Premium content.

All within the voice app thanks to the simplified voice purchasing process.

But how do you know when you should rely on voice technology and when it would be better to avoid it?

We’ll see it in the next article.

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I’ll see you in the next article,

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