London South Bank University entrance, Amazon Alexa and the Alexa Skill for the ON CAMPUS London South Bank University

AI BETT Show 2020 and Voice Technology

It is clear to everyone the need to create a bridge to involve students in interacting with institutions. Above all to create a table of discussions around those issues that deserve attention and involve us all. Here, this is a commitment that involves many universities around the world. They are wondering about the great issues of the future: innovation, voice technology, ethics, consumption, environment, well-being, etc.

Precisely on the last point that the AI BETT Show 2020, which was held in London in January, focused: the technological trends of the future.
Also innovation and well-being and how voice technology will increasingly take on a central value.
This according to Alex Denley, Director of Innovation and Transformation at London South Bank University (LSBU)

The Ellie-LSBU case.

The LSBU, like other educational institutions in the world, uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create conversation platforms. This helps to speed up and shorten student knowledge times on campuses. In addition, these platforms are real personal agendas, capable of organizing and optimizing students’ time to the fullest. From classroom timetable to sports, to deadlines to pay, to cultural meetings, etc.

LSBU uses Amazon Alexa to summarize the volume of deadlines, optimize the delivery of information that can be:

  1. Balance of the school meal voucher,
  2. Appointment reminders,
  3. Access to the school register and grades.

These skills are optimized by Alexa – Ellie without having to connect to various websites or apps anymore.

The great thing about Ellie is that in addition to answering students’ questions, it provides personalized advice. Through ML, it improves the experience of each student at school.

“Voice technology is accelerating the way that humans interact with everyday services. LSBU believes that by introducing voice within higher education, we can transform the way we interact with our students as well as building in a level of automation that will make us far more operationally efficient.”

said Alex Denley, Director of Innovation and Transformation at London South Bank University (LSBU).

Let’s take a look into the future with LBSU’s Alexa Skill.

In September 2020 Ellie will know its evolution by becoming an avatar format using Amazon Sumerian. This will be extended to the entire university campus. Also, it will create strategic checkpoints to speed up entry and information for new students.

Alexa a around the world

LSBU is a story that must be told and known because today there are many universities that feel the need to take advantage of this new technology. It can improve the lives of their students and make the universities attractive places themselves. In addition, through voice technology you can have access to audio lessons, rather it can offer students with disabilities access to additional resources.

The Ask LUU of the University of Lancaster and Ask CEU of the Cardenal Herrera University offer this service in bilingual (English and Spanish).

There are 33 thousand students who come from 80 different countries that use this medium. The voice technology not only optimizes the times but becomes a concrete help to embrace the future. A future that seemed, until recently, pure science fiction.

And in Italy? In the Italian market this technology has not yet found deep roots. Except Ipervox, the online platform that helps anyone to create their own voice applications. This allows you to connect with users using voice technologies such as Alexa. It is central to the issue that is increasingly finding day by day interest from public opinion.

Source: Ana Cavez, Amazon.

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