expand your brand awareness with voice technologies and develop a voice branding

Smart assistants are only scratching the surface of their full potential, as part of what voice technologies have to offer.  Voice commands are becoming more prevalent in today’s world.

Voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri use voice control for a variety of capabilities, but ultimately it is a fun and easy way to interact with your brand.

However, knowing how to incorporate voice technology into your brand experience is essential for defining brand messaging and relationships.

Using Amazon Alexa services for your brand

The improvements Voice Technologies have had in the recent years, has made it more than capable to deliver quality outcomes for many different use cases.

Some of the most obvious benefits benefits are the following:

Work process efficiency

With the advent of AI, businesses can automate daily tasks and save valuable time. For example, it can take care of assignments, time administration, scheduling meetings, simplifying repetitive tasks, etc. A great example of this use is Alexa for Business.

Every Company always seeks new ways to improve the effectiveness of what they do and how they run their business. The AI used in voice apps and smart speakers can help businesses increase every work process efficiency.

Customer support & engagement

A large number of users are using voice technologies for most things. From ordering a product, asking a question, seeking customer service, to keeping track of the day, and much more.

Every business can create its Alexa Skill, allowing their customers to reach them anytime and anywhere they need them, using that service. Well-built voice applications make it easier for every end-user to receive answers to their questions along with extra information.

A Skill that has high conversational abilities it’s even better because it creates more satisfaction for the customer. If the customer remains satisfied with the answers it creates high reliability for the brand and amplifies the brand reputation.

Voice Branding

The world is hugely moving to voice-activated technology. It’s an opportunity for your brand to make an impact on the market because customers can interact with the brand directly, having more control over how they interact with your brand.

Voice technologies present many key benefits for enhancing the brand experience, such as customer engagement, discovery, and delight.

With Amazon Alexa being one of the major leaders when it comes to voice technologies, there are two things to consider when leveraging their services:

  1. When building an Alexa Skill and entering the voice world, it’s important to give your company a distinguishable voice branding by creating a unique experience for each user.
  2.  Mixing your company values in your Alexa Skill so every time your audience needs services or products you offer, they identify you as the best choice to make. 
  3. With Amazon now making it possible for everyone to create better conversational Skills, use these features to create a pleasing experience for those who use your voice applications.

And this is the reason why Ipervox rises as a simplified platform for every company that wants to launch themselves in the voice world with their own and unique voice applications. By offering an open platform for every business, from radios, podcasters, news and bloggers, to e-commerce, insurance, universities and more, we intend to make it possible for you to spread the voice of your brand.

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