How to How to improve your Alexa skill reviews and get more users and a group of people socializing and using their smartphones

The discovery of your own skill is one of the biggest challenges that brands, and personal brands are facing right now.

Voice technology is gaining momentum and as a result the store is populating quickly.

On the other hand, no one wants to wait until it is too late to enter the market. This is the best time to do this and I told you why in this article.

To get more visibility there are several ways and different factors that can have an effect . Today we will see something that is of the utmost importance: reviews.

Improve your Alexa skill reviews to gain visibility

Having a high-quality skill that delivers the best possible user experience requires careful, well-structured work.

I have spoken to you, for example, about how to choose and test the activation phrase, which is very important.

But even if your skill were the best in the world but remained hard to find, all the work done would be almost useless.

A very effective way to increase your chances of your skill being seen is to promote reviews.

The most common scenario is that users sort the skills in the store based on the average customer review and go to see the ones with the best ratings first.

By analyzing the skills with the highest ratings, we are able to learn some lessons that could be applied.

1 – Must work well

It sounds trivial, but many low-rated skills have negative reviews that say it didn’t work.

Those with positive ratings, on the contrary, have so many reviews of satisfied people because the skill does its job and it is easy to make it work.

For example, think of a skill connected to a delivery service. It is important that the user is always positive.

2 – Ask

Ask your users directly to leave a review on your skill page in the store.

Don’t be afraid to do it.

Try to stimulate reviews while they are successfully using your skill.

Ask for it once per session and up to 4 times in total.

Many skills openly state that they will only ask 4 times to leave a review, so as not to annoy the user, who might think that they will be asked to every single time.

3 – Timing

Plan the best time to ask for a review.

Some make the mistake of asking for it right away, when a user is still new.

In that case the chances of success are low, the user has not yet used the skill enough, has not gotten used to using it and has not tested it to its full potential.

Instead, asking for it after a number of times that the user has returned to use it is a sign that the skill is pleasing and therefore the chances that they will leave a review are much higher.

4 – Point out that they appreciate it

When you ask for a review, leverage their behavior by noting that they have used the skill multiple times.

A phrase like “It looks like you are enjoying our skill and you have used it several times, how about leaving a review? It would be an important boost for us to improve it even more and improve your experience.”

5 – Offer a valuable incentive

You could stimulate reviews by offering content in return, for example.

Here’s an example of a request: “Did you know that by leaving a skill review you receive additional content for free?”


These 5 tips will help you get more reviews and raise your skill rating:

The higher the skill is in the store, the more people will see it and start using it, and the more reviews you can ask for and receive.

It will then trigger a virtuous circle that will give more and more visibility to your skill.

Already leveraging other strategies to drive reviews?

But above all, do you already have a skill?

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