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During the early days after the release of Alexa, only a few people understood the value and opportunity that this new technology would represent for business. Only a few people were creating Alexa Skills.

Data shows that the early adopters of this new technology were the content creators (Podcaster, Blogger, Youtuber, Influencer, Digital Entrepreneur). They used the platform to grow and communicate with their audience.

For creators like Marco Montemagno, marketers like Dario Vignali and celebrities like Joe Bastianich it was immediately clear. Even in this new voice-based communication channel, the content is the main focus when you create Alex Skills for business application.

Content is King.

Content is King is the motto that applies to all channels and this leads us to think of Alexa as a new communication channel. Of course, it is not a site or a platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. It is a new way to let users consume content.

At this point we get to the question: why not give all content creators the opportunity to easily create for the voice platform?

The more people that develop their Alexa Skill, the faster the channel will grow with them.

It’s evident that the voice space would grow rapidly in a very short time if it was possible for anyone to easily create their own Voice App (Alexa Skill). Especially without the technical complexity, time and high economic investment that is currently required.

Creating Alexa Skills with Ipervox

For this reason, Ipervox was born. The online platform for voice applications software.

Ipervox distributes customizable content wherever people listen and make interactions with customers.

For content creators, there are access barriers and problems for ongoing management of software developed for the Alexa platform.

These include:

  • adapting to the new platform
  • learning platform-specific skills
  • managing the ongoing development of your software as the Alexa platform evolves.

Ipervox solves these problems by breaking down these entry-barriers.

Until now, it was difficult to started using the voice platforms. In addition to the content, you also need to create and maintain the software. You needed to have good knowledge of software development and voice design if you intended creating Alexa Skills.

With this picture in mind Ipervox was born.

Ipervox is the online platform that allows anyone – even those who do not know how to program, to create their own voice application (Alexa Skill, Google Action, etc.). Create them in a very short time, almost completely breaking down the entry barriers.

Meaning you can concentrate on what really matters: the Content.

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