Voice search studies show you need to act now

“Star Trek: The Next Generation” aired in 1987. Imagine all people back then, sitting and watching how other people on TV had conversations with their computers. It looked like a faraway reality to voice search.  “Star Trek: Discovery” aired in 2017. Are we still surprised? We already can speak to our smartwatches and interact with our […]

voice search SEO makes your content and pages discoverable through voice search and is one of the best benefits of voice technologies if used right

It’s 2021, and the internet is going through a major shift. Thanks to voice search assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, we’re all getting used to doing more with our voice. This is the final call for voice search SEO. It’s time businesses step up their game and update their websites for using voice […]

Alexa Skill performance is of great importance to keep your skills discoverable and a successful voice marketing strategy

It’s true that having an Alexa Skill published can create a whole new channel of reaching your customers and expanding your audience. However, it is highly important to have an optimal Alexa Skill Performance. Having your own Voice application can bring you all the benefits voice technologies offer. But, if your Alexa Skill isn’t performing […]

after you publish your Alexa skill there are three things to do to improve your voice branding and voice marketing

Voice technology is now ubiquitous in our lives; we interact with voice assistants and voice-controlled devices at work, at home, or in public. You should know that very well, especially if you have decided to publish your Alexa Skill. Or, maybe you have already published it, and people have started using your Alexa Skill. However, […]

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