Smart Speaker Ownership Amazon Alexa 21 %, Google Home 11 % and Apple HomePod 1 %

According to a survey compiled by Edison Research and Triton Digital, Amazon’s Echo Smart Speakers are more popular than Google Home, which records half of the users. Smart speaker preferences combined with Amazon Prime membership extension are leading to a boost for Amazon Music as a streaming service.

Smart Speakers all over

The market investigation that has been drawn up involves an American audience aged 12 years and over. The report compiled rewards Amazon. The 10% difference in ownership between Echo and Google Home, with Apple HomePod scraping 1%. 62% of Americans have used a voice assistant.


To verify the data compiled and that reward Amazon we can read the data that say that a quarter of the U.S. has listened to Pandora over the course of a month, the same goes for Spotify. Amazon lags behind at just 14%, barely beating Apple Music and iHeartRadio. Amazon Music gained two percentage points from 2019, but Pandora hemorrhaged 6%. While iHeartRadio fell by 2% and dropped two places in the ranking. Spotify did better, rising by 1%, but Apple Music stayed entirely static. Amazon Music did very well.

Amazon does not have a line of smartphones so the spread of Amazon Echo smart speakers accompanied by the voice assistant Alexa has affected the growth of this trend that the numbers speak about. People use Amazon Music and buy Echo smart speakers due to special offers for Amazon Prime members. According to the report, 42% of the U.S. population is an Amazon Prime member. However, Google and Apple have their own unique advantages. However, the Infinite Dial report suggests that Amazon lends itself to gathering the best data in the coming years.

Source: VoiceBot

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