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Amazon has recently made a series of updates to its voice assistant: Alexa.

Among these updates there are some very interesting ones concerning food and nutrition.

One of these concerns, for example owners of an Echo Show, the Amazon device with screen.

All of them will be given one-year free access to Food Network Kitchen.

The partnership between Amazon and Food Network Kitchen had recently led to offering one year free to Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablet owners.

A very welcome promotion given the increased amount of time spent by people at home cooking due to the lockdown.

Now the promotion has also extended to the world of voice assistants and skills.

The skill of Food Network Kitchen allows you to cook with award-winning chefs and recipe book authors.

More than 80,000 recipes that you can reproduce from home by following the steps through your Echo Show. Episodes from the Food Network series live and on demand classes.

The premium version of the app allows you to watch episodes without ads, interact in live sessions, access Q&A sessions with chefs and Food Network experts and thousands of step-by-step tutorials.

A nice incentive for foodies to buy an eco-Show rather than any other smart speaker without a screen.

It’s also a clever strategy to get users to like the service and get them to renew their subscription the following year by paying $40 per year or $5 per month.

Potentially a huge source of revenue.

Another novelty, however, concerns more the aspect of health related to nutrition.

Alexa will start giving nutritional advice based on the Mayo Clinic database.

As their website states: “Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, education and research, providing expert, whole-person care to anyone who needs healing”.

The organization recently collaborated with Amazon on the occasion of covid-19. In April, a skill was launched to answer questions about the virus.

It was the first skill that dealt with the topic, published after Amazon had chosen to remove them all from the store (as we told you here).

Mayo Clinic also had its first aid skill in 2017, but this time the advice will be given directly by Alexa, without the need to download any skills from the store.

Alexa will therefore have a huge database of data and nutritional facts translated from simple advice that a user can request at any time.

From what to drink instead of fruit juices, to the right portion of fruit and vegetables to eat daily, the good habits that skill allows you to integrate into your life are many.

To complete the package, as I told you earlier, there will be just the thousands of recipes offered by Food Network Kitchen.

This way, Alexa users can immediately apply the healthy eating tips that the new feature has given them.

As you can see, even in this case Amazon itself starts from a free and useful content offer and then leads users to subscribe and then generate a recurring revenue that can become really important.

Each sector can take advantage of skills and voice technology to profit from it or to increase its connection with its audience.

Keep following our content to find out how and take a look at the old articles, you’ll find lots of ideas.

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