Alexa radio skill-s are poised to kickstart the next stage of the radio revolution. This poses challenges for traditional radio. 39% of smart-speaker owners say that time spent listening to the device is replacing time spent listening to AM/FM. Among many different reasons why consumers use voice assistants, one of the most preferred activities is […]

What are Quick Links? Quick links are easy-to-click Standart URLs that allow customers to instantly reach and lunch your skill. You can place quick links on your company’s website, in an app, or through social media. Then, customers can access your skill immediately by asking Alexa. The users can launch your skill whenever they are […]

For everyone using Amazon Alexa and Echo devices in their homes, offices, or their cars, “Alexa” is probably the name they mention mostly during the day. It happens because it is the Alexa wake word. In this case, probably you have wondered: can you change Alexa’s name? We can also say that Amazon’s Alexa is […]

Nowadays there are more than 120 000 Alexa Skills available for everyone. Considering this, it’s a bit difficult not to find one that can help you learn new things. Even if your interest to learn goes for less popular topics. Probably there are Alexa learning Skills that can help you gain new information. Amazon Alexa […]

University voice assistants are becoming more widespread  We’re just beginning to understand the potential of voice technologies. Voice is the ultimate interface. It’s part of what we are as humans and it’s how we communicate. There’s almost no learning curve like it is with typing. It helps machines adapt to people rather than the other […]

The year 2020 has been a rough one, but this hasn’t stopped new ideas from emerging and making their way. Especially when talking about new social networks and connectivity tools. The same applies to the new social media developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur P. Davison and ex-Google employee R. Seth. This brand new social media […]

When you want to give away an Amazon Echo device, use it in another location, or just not use it anymore, you can find difficulties removing all the data and settings of that device. This is the case when you reset Amazon Echo devices. The reset will bring the device to its factory setting and […]