During their last event, Amazon announced a new feature, that of Alexa Shopping Actions, and everyone is excited. In short, what does this mean? Thanks to Alexa Shopping Actions it is possible to add a new shopping experience to the Skills. In fact, users can add products to the Amazon cart without leaving the skill. Brands […]

When it comes to marketing, you probably do not think about Spotify — a music streaming platform that is used by over 100 million people. We think Spotify Advertising Campaigns are underrated considering the high potential they have. Whether you’re considering it for your radio broadcast or an advertising campaign, Spotify will undoubtedly have a […]

Your customers are getting smarter, and their expectation for brands is evolving. To keep up with them, your business must use technology to boost its customer service quality. This brings us to Conversational AI Marketing. Why? Because AI is changing the way people interact with brands and redefine success for them. An intelligent bot is […]

In this age of personalization, marketing is evolving to relationship marketing. But what does that mean? It means that you want to deliver value and be trusted, not just for one sale, but for all the other interactions you have throughout the course of a consumer’s life. The best relationships are built on good communication, […]

Audio ads: they’re all around us today. People listen to them on a range of distribution channels, like radio, podcasts, smart speakers, music streaming services, and more. Audio ads are a key component of the audio revolution because they are central to the promotion of products and services. Audio ads are a type of marketing […]

You’ve heard about the wonders of voice technology. Maybe you want to build a voice experience for fun or to make a profit. Whatever the reason, you’ll eventually come to the point where you’ll need to learn the basics of creating Alexa skills and then publish them. Well, first let’s explain two important details that […]

A collaboration between ExxonMobil, Fiserv, Amazon Pay, and Alexa has made possible the launch of voice payments technology. Who would have imagined the possibility of paying for gas just by using a simple voice command like “Alexa, pay for gas”. Let alone having it available at thousands of Exxon and Mobil gas stations all around […]

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