the productivity benefits of using amazon alexa and havin an amazon echo in the office

We already use Amazon Alexa and Echo devices many times a day while at home but have considered using Amazon Echo in the office?

Using Alexa at work is an excellent tool for getting the brain up and running before and during work with some motivational music. It can also check your calendar and emails for you, order office supplies, schedule meetings, and remind you of important upcoming events.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a starting point.

However, keep in mind that using it in common areas might disturb your other colleagues.

Basic uses of Amazon Echo in the office

There are plenty of Alexa productivity Skills you can use, in case you decide to take an Amazon Echo in the office.

Using Alexa at work to play music

The great thing about using an Alexa for this purpose is that it’s a separate device. If you need to watch a video or listen for briefings, you don’t have to fiddle with the volume on your computer. You can even pause the music if you need to.

Setting a piece of background music or calming sounds can really help you concentrate on your work and be productive. Ambient sounds are also a nice option.

Using the Alexa Calendar Skill

Using the calendar Skill can be very helpful, especially when you have to deal with different appointments and events.

After you link your calendar and email with Alexa, you can start adding new events or asking for scheduled ones: “Alexa, what’s on my calendar for [day]?”

Once you have linked the account, you can even add meetings to your calendar: “Alexa, add an event/meeting to my calendar.”, and then answer with the details so Alexa can set it up.

Make calls with Alexa

Alexa can also be used as a voice calling device. You can make Alexa-to-Alexa calls, or make calls to landlines and mobile phones using the Alexa app.

You can also send text messages with Alexa. In order to use this feature, you must have an Android phone. It does not need any additional app or program, either — it’s built-in!

Reminders, Timers and Lists

These features have found great use in our daily lives. Not only to help us not to forget things but also in the kitchen or making a shopping list.

The same thing can be done if we have an Amazon Echo in the office.

We can ask it to remind us of specific events and tasks before their time comes. We can use timers to take a short break, balance the work time, or just as a way to test ourselves while doing specific tasks.

Or, we can use lists to simplify the office supply reordering, and have a clear list of our daily tasks. In this case, we can also use third-party To-Do lists and apps by connecting them with Alexa.

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