time to enter a new market as what to expect when using voice technologies

A while ago I was talking to a good friend of mine, content creator. We were talking about several different topics. At some point we got to Alexa, and the right time to enter a new market.

I expressed my enthusiasm for this technology and explained to my friend why I think he should have taken advantage of the moment and the big occasion.

I explained to him that it was a market that I was certain would explode and that it absolutely had to be there before that time.

He told me that he preferred to wait.

The answer made me think.

Maybe he’s right, who am I to say he’s wrong to think so?”

But then I thought of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time: Jeff Bezos.

His last speech at the end of 2018 focused exclusively on Alexa.

Maybe I wasn’t wrong.

An entrepreneur of that caliber, who continues to achieve enormous success, will have a good reason to focus so much on voice-based technologies.

Following that logic, it would make perfect sense to throw yourself into a market when it is mature.

But at entrepreneurial level, the reasoning completely changes and that’s what I want to talk to you about now.

When is the right time to enter a market?

We know that the right time to enter a market is when its growth curve is rising exponentially.

When a market reaches its peak, it means that everyone is already there.

It is now in a stagnant phase in which the greatest opportunities have already been seized.

When it’s about to explode, it’s the right time to go in


Because you will contribute to its growth and you will grow with it, it is inevitable.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

I started developing skills for Alexa and talking about it when I was a simple programmer and I had my own software-developing agency.

In Italy I was the first to talk about Alexa.

In just a few months I arrived at the point where I had giant customers that I would not have even dreamed of having before.

I was able to close partnerships that I otherwise could never have closed.

I became an Amazon partner in skill development

With this, I became the first in Italy and among the first in the world to be certified for the development of skills.

Also, I have closed a partnership with Marketers (one of the best companies in Italy when it comes to marketing and digital entrepreneurship), which is helping me a lot in launching in Italy and around the world.

And I negotiated another deal that only a few months ago I could only have dreamt of, which is to have Joe Bastianich as a client.

All this happened because I came first in a fast-growing market and I benefited from it.

It’s good to repeat this: the right time to enter a market is when it is growing exponentially.

This growth will help you develop your business, grow with ease and have opportunities that will disappear later, forever.

If you’re a podcaster, blogger, content creator, YouTuber, or entrepreneur, think carefully or the risk is that you’ll regret it later.

By sharing this small part of my story in the voice market I hope to have given you some useful stimuli.

I’d like to know what you think about this market, what you expect from Alexa in the coming months and how you think it could help your project or business.

See you soon,

CEO and Founder of IPERVOX

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