Voice Marketing-the purpose of it

Would you like to ask a question and get the answer in a blink, avoiding devices or getting online to do so? Who doesn’t, right? Voice marketing is the new way of reaching out to clients in a more human, natural, and user-friendly way. What about agencies providing this kind of service? The key is […]

The year 2020 has been a rough one, but this hasn’t stopped new ideas from emerging and making their way. Especially when talking about new social networks and connectivity tools. The same applies to the new social media developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur P. Davison and ex-Google employee R. Seth. This brand new social media […]

Alexa radio skill-s and Alexa podcast skill-s are poised to kickstart the next stage of the radio industry revolution. This poses challenges for traditional methods of listening to radios and podcasts. 39% of smart-speaker owners say that time spent listening to the device is replacing time spent listening to AM/FM. Among many different reasons why […]

Set up you Echo device and a smartphone showing the Amazon Alexa app

When using Amazon’s Alexa services for the first time, it can be a bit difficult to get it started. Especially when you don’t know how to set up Amazon Alexa and your Echo device. If you have just bought a new Echo device, there are a few steps to follow to set it up and […]

Two people showing toward a smart speaker for voice assistants meaning the voice technology will change the retail

Asking Alexa for the weather or setting an alarm clock with Siri has become very common already for millions of people. But things seem to be changing quickly and an interesting new chapter is opening. According to voice technology and artificial intelligence experts, we as consumers will be much more likely to use these technologies […]

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