Universal Music Production Alexa skill Amazon and an Amazon Echo Dot device

Discover. Play. Add.

These are the 3 keywords of the new skill released by the music giant Universal Music Production.

But let’s go in order, what is Universal Music Production?

We are talking about a company with tens of thousands of composers, offices in 32 different countries and over 400 recording studios worldwide.

They release about 45 new albums every month, have already produced more than 500,000 original tracks and have over 70 years of music archive.

We are talking about tracks used for example to give a soul to documentaries or big films.

Having said that, let’s see what their new Alexa skill consists of.

Universal Music Production Alexa skill

“Your Voice. Our music”, thus begins the presentation of the skill.

It was created to offer research in a simple and intuitive way.

Whether it’s brainstorming, editing or on a set, the skill offers the possibility to find the right track for each production.

Going back to the 3 keywords used by the company, here is what you can ask this skill:

1 – Discover: “Alexa, ask Universal Production Music to play punk rock”. The search can be done by keyword, track name, album name or playlist.

2 – Play: “Alexa, ask Universal Production Music what is playing now”. Besides changing track or pausing it, you can ask Alexa for information about the track being played.

3 – Add: “Alexa, ask Universal Production Music to add to my playlist”. When you find a valid track for your production you can add it directly into your own Alexa playlist.

The president of the company considers this skill an innovative and essential step in the music production business.

As we know, voice searches are becoming an increasingly large portion of total searches and being ready for when it will be consolidated as the main medium is never a bad idea.

This skill is mainly aimed at producers, but it should be considered that both Alexa and other vocal assistants are implementing several music related features.

For example, for a few months now Alexa has been able to distinguish requests for specific variations of a song (e.g. live, remix or instrumental).

Or think about when Alexa announced the release of Katy Perry’s new album.

Among the most common uses of vocal assistants music is always among the top positions and if professionals will start using Alexa consistently to find music tracks, it could be a great advantage for Amazon compared to competitors like Spotify.

We’ll see what happens, but several moves have revealed that Amazon is also aiming to become an important center for music.

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