how to use voice technology to create better performing radio advertisement

Radio advertisement might sound outdated, but it remains one of the most reliable marketing channels to reach a large number of people. With 30 seconds or less to communicate an exciting offer or product, radio advertising can be extremely effective in getting consumers’ attention. Businesses can get a lot more brand exposure compared to text-based […]

Alexa Skill performance is of great importance to keep your skills discoverable and a successful voice marketing strategy

It’s true that having an Alexa Skill published can create a whole new channel of reaching your customers and expanding your audience. However, it is highly important to have an optimal Alexa Skill Performance. Having your own Voice application can bring you all the benefits voice technologies offer. But, if your Alexa Skill isn’t performing […]

voice marketing as a way to empower your brand with voice applications and voice assistants

As digital marketing continues to impact and transform the retail industry, voice shopping — aka voice technology in general — will become an important emerging channel. Voice Marketing is growing faster than expected because it’s convenient and easy for both businesses and consumers. Voice is also accessible for all ages and experience levels. There is […]

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