voice marketing as a way to empower your brand with voice applications and voice assistants

As digital marketing continues to impact and transform the retail industry, voice shopping — aka voice technology in general — will become an important emerging channel. Voice Marketing is growing faster than expected because it’s convenient and easy for both businesses and consumers.

Voice is also accessible for all ages and experience levels. There is no barrier to entry, which means businesses can reach a wider audience.

What is a Voice Strategy?
In simple words, voice marketing is an incredibly powerful way to reach audiences at all stages of the buying cycle and target audiences using voice-enabled devices powered by virtual assistants. It includes various mini strategies and tactics during its implementation process.

Empower your brand with a Voice Strategy

While there are thousands of Voice Applications available for every user worldwide, the best way to grow your business and gain more attention towards your brand is by developing a Voice Strategy.

Doing so gives you the possibility to be better prepared in surpassing your competitors, build a steadily growing audience and create a Voice App that pleases its users.

If you are able to build a voice application that is useful to its user, they will relate quality and usefulness to your product and services. Especially when thinking about services and products related to your industry.

To create a successful voice strategy and voice applications you need to consider:

  • Who is your target audience and their interests?
  • Your customers approach towards your product.
  • How can you become beneficial to your future customers using only voice.

Using Voice Applications to sell your products or services

Another way of greatly improving your business is using voice assistants as a point of contact with your customers and why not, as a point of sales.

While offering your audience a voice application that can offer them information and entertainment, you can also use it as a simplified channel for selling your products and services.

There are already thousands to millions of people using voice assistants to buy new products or reordering them.

There are two ways of marketing with voice and leverage the power of voice technologies to boost your sales:

Using your voice application as a direct selling tool.

This way you will allow your customers to buy your products and services in the simplest way there is: voice. It will be a hands free experience for your audience and far more competitive than other channels.

Offering support to your customers and new possible ones.

You can use voice applications as a way of offering information. Also, you can offer support to your existing customers and new ones to come. Through a detailed Q&A voice app you can build a virtual customer support agent which can answer all the questions your customers have. This while giving them the possibility to order new products or accessories.

As we see having a good voice marketing strategy can help your business gain more customers. It will also improve the quality of your services. All of this using the voice assistants your customers already have. They use them in their homes, offices and cars, and many more are expected to have.

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