voice search SEO makes your content and pages discoverable through voice search and is one of the best benefits of voice technologies if used right

It’s 2021, and the internet is going through a major shift. Thanks to voice search assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, we’re all getting used to doing more with our voice. This is the final call for voice search SEO.

It’s time businesses step up their game and update their websites for using voice search. Making your website voice search friendly will let you become discoverable from your possible visitors. Voice search optimization is not to be underrated considering it allows the user to find what they’re looking for in less time than typing.

Voice search optimization

With nearly 5 Billion voice assistants in use as we speak, we can understand the impact voice technologies have on search queries. With more people being oriented towards a fast paced life, they require more simplified ways of completing their daily tasks.

This certainly includes searching for directions, services, suggestions, and purchasing online.

This is where voice search comes in handy, being the simplest way of communicating a request.

With this mentioned, no business can allow itself to underrate Voice Search SEO and the benefits of Voice Marketing.

There are 3 key actions you can if you want to know how to optimize for voice search:

Google My Business Listing

To get ahead of the competition, make sure your Google My Business listing is up to date and optimized. If you have a physical business location, Google its address to ensure it’s properly associated with the page. Your Google My Business listing is the first place search engines will look for information about your business, so make sure you complete this process right away.

They’ll also check Bing and Yelp, as well as online directories like Yellow Pages and Facebook.

As a business owner, you can think of this as your virtual business card for voice assistants searches.

Conversational Content is the key

Nowadays their preferences are leaning towards the use of their voices, which means they are often using more conversational language for their searches.

Using conversational language for your content is essential for voice search SEO. But so is making your content relatable to your audience.

You can help your content become discoverable in these searches using these two indications. Considering a voice search will normally target 29 words long results on average, there is enough space to adapt.

Optimize your webpages to load faster

Right now voice search is rapidly gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits including convenience and speed. If you want to benefit from this new trend, it’s important to work on optimizing your site, especially the mobile version.

Making life easier for customers requires pages that load quickly and have quality content. A slow-loading page is an obstacle that might cost you a lot when it comes to voice search optimization.

With Voice Technologies and AI behind Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding becoming more efficient as time goes, it is important to adapt to these trends. Not only to exceed your competitors but also as part of your Voice Marketing Strategy.

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