voice tech and voice applications can help with your relationship marketing

In this age of personalization, marketing is evolving to relationship marketing. But what does that mean?

It means that you want to deliver value and be trusted, not just for one sale, but for all the other interactions you have throughout the course of a consumer’s life.

The best relationships are built on good communication, and with it, you can anticipate customer needs. Conversations are the heart of these connections. With it, you’ll be able to anticipate your customer’s needs and handle any concerns they may have.

What is Relationship Marketing?

In the transactional marketing model, brands increase their number of individual sales. Yet they risk a high return on customer acquisition cost. In contrast, in relationship marketing, brands focus on maximizing long-term customer value. It’s the perfect strategy for those looking to earn lifelong customers who stick around.

Relationship marketing is not about generating individual sales. It is about a long-term strategy that focuses on customer loyalty and engagement. Relationship marketing is more about creating solid & emotional connections with customers and building a bond. This leads to a generally happier customer who will tell other people about the company’s products for free.This leads to the creation of new leads for the company, which is the goal of relationship marketing in the first place.

Conversational marketing is the basis for relationship marketing. And there’s no better way to build a deep connection with customers than by learning what they want and catering to their needs. The root of Relationship marketing is the idea that brands should learn to anticipate what customers want. One way to do this is by using conversational AI and voice technology.

How does Voice Technology fit in this strategy?

As we mentioned above, the basis of relationship marketing is conversational marketing. What makes conversational marketing such an effective method is its ability to better engage customers and gain their trust in the way through personalization.

Here is where voice technology joins the effort. Voice Technology, and specifically voice applications, have the capacity to interact with the users more intimately. But, this is not all.

You can customize a voice application and adapt it for the users’ needs while the user himself can easily summon the exact service or information he needs. This is all done without friction and through simple voice commands, questions, and answers altogether.

Furthermore, voice applications are also capable of transmitting the emotion and the natural feeling of a real human voice. In the same way, as it would be if you were talking with your customer directly during a conversation.

How do they help your relationship marketing strategy

Conversational marketing is a better way to build relationships with customers, and Amazon is not the only company doing it. The company has its own voice assistant, Alexa, which is part of its relationship with customers.

Amazon is, for a long time, trying to move towards getting other companies to get involved in conversational marketing as well. The way Amazon is doing so is by opening up its voice technology to be used by others. Every business can easily develop its own voice application.

Soon, Alexa might be available everywhere the users will need it to be.

Therefore, the most important thing you need to consider in reaching your customer through this channel is by creating a voice application. Then start inviting your customers to use it, engage directly with your brand while deepening your relationship with them.

The more your customers use the voice app, the more insightful data you will be able to collect about their favorite contents, requests, their questions, and their needs. User feedback is also a great source of information worth considering. This information will later help you improve your services monetization, relationships with your customers, and much more.

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