voice marketing as a way to empower your brand with voice applications and voice assistants

As digital marketing continues to impact and transform the retail industry, voice shopping — aka voice technology in general — will become an important emerging channel. Voice Marketing is growing faster than expected because it’s convenient and easy for both businesses and consumers. Voice is also accessible for all ages and experience levels. There is […]

Alexa skills reviews

The world of voice skills is changing, and it is becoming more and more difficult for developers and companies to launch successful Alexa skills. From full development to no-code development, things aren’t getting easier when introducing these skills into the market and receiving positive reviews.  Amazon announced that 100,000 unique Alexa skills had been created […]

the productivity benefits of using amazon alexa and havin an amazon echo in the office

We already use Amazon Alexa and Echo devices many times a day while at home but have considered using Amazon Echo in the office? Using Alexa at work is an excellent tool for getting the brain up and running before and during work with some motivational music. It can also check your calendar and emails […]

voice assistant for universities

University voice assistants are becoming more widespread  We’re just beginning to understand the potential of voice technologies. Voice is the ultimate interface. It’s part of what we are as humans and it’s how we communicate. There’s almost no learning curve like it is with typing. It helps machines adapt to people rather than the other […]

The year 2020 has been a rough one, but this hasn’t stopped new ideas from emerging and making their way. Especially when talking about new social networks and connectivity tools. The same applies to the new social media developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur P. Davison and ex-Google employee R. Seth. This brand new social media […]

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