Real Simple Relax, Mindful voices Alexa Skill and a young girl meditating on a cliff in the nature

As we imagined, it was only a matter of time before Amazon Alexa also landed in the New Age world. Real Simple Relax is a skilled creative debuted a new Alexa skill as a guided introduction to meditation. It highlights the way media companies are exploring new ways to apply voice apps to their brands.

Real Simple Relax Alexa skill provides a mixture of meditations for those who approach the world of meditation. The goal of Real Simple Relax is to guide and give suggestions on how to meditate. Also, in addition it tries establishing a regular meditation practice. The four audio meditations include visual elements for use on the Amazon Echo Show display.

Mindfulness continues to be a leading use case in voice, and by really leaning into the highest possible production, and a smart partnership between Real Simple and Stop Breathe and Think, this skill represents the best “starter” meditation experience in-market.

Skilled Creative CEO Brandon Kaplan told.

Real Simple founding is a division of Meredith, a media and lifestyle brand that has as its focus the world of women. This is the second skill that they released for the brand. It is built in partnership with New Meredith, Stop, Breathe & Think. This skill offers the opportunity to simplify the everyday life of women and to introduce them to meditation.

A unique audio experience.

Voice is increasingly becoming a key pillar of our omni-channel presence. Voice unlocks an entirely new channel for us and not just of delivery but of creation. We are able to build custom experiences with our audiences in mind, and deliver something uniquely compelling that can’t be replicated across other mediums.

Meredith Corporation Senior Innovation Manager Rachel Reed told.

The market has led the media companies to develop their vocal apps more and more, because through this technology it is possible to reach an ever wider audience.
For example, the younger one because they have always been very sensitive to news in line with the times.

Through the free samples, which they offer generally, brands shift their attention and focus on creating an audio tie-in game. This way channeling customers to buy their purchases. It is clear that voice technology speeds up interactions with brands, through new tools, explore and increase their market.

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